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adaptation to YOUR requirements

Blood banks all over the world have similar tasks but the exact challenges, structures and processes differ greatly. How is it possible that one product can meet all of these needs??
This is why we developed a special system. The RAD-CONTROL ‘smart production technology’ which can be flexibly used to meet your specific requirements.
Below is a selection of customization areas – what is important to you?


Size and shape

Each production and labeling process is different, and the amount of available space on a blood product can also vary. Rad-Control can also be this diverse if necessary. Choose the size and shape that meet your requirements.


Your language. This is not just about making life easier - for example when training new colleagues – it is also about product safety and preventing possible misunderstandings.


With Rad-Control you can communicate with all your ‘clients’. Pass on to your customers, doctors and healthcare staff whatever information might be needed or helpful!

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