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The Basics

Blood irradiation indicators that adapt
to YOUR requirements

Irradiation result appears as barcode
Blood irradiation indicator with barcode

After blood irradiation the RAD-CONTROL BARCODE irradiation indicator appears as a barcode. This globally unique indicator enables:

  • Electronic readability of the blood irradiation result

  • Automation of the blood irradiation process

  • Improvement and simplification of the entire process

Additionally the word "IRRADIATED" appears in a second field to also show to users clearly that the irradiation was performed.
The marking of labels or the manual entry of blood irradiation results is no longer necessary. After setting up the system blood bags can be distributed only if they have been identified and verification of blood irradiation has been confirmed.

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This change in color is reliable and self-explanatory! There are no evaluation uncertainties, only clear information of ‘not irradiated/irradiated’.
RAD-CONTROL BARCODE blood irradiation indicators are carefully produced and comprehensively tested in accordance with our ISO 13485 quality management system to avoid any risk in your processes.

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