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Product Features


Shipping and handling at room temperature,
ideal storage conditions at room temperature
(15 °C to 25 °C),
indicator shelf life of nine months.


Both warm or cool environments are feasible, activated or non-activated for optimized working conditions.


After cooling, contactless and effortless activation is brought about by special UV-C light devices in less than five seconds.

Safe handling:

The patented "Life Guard" insulated surface rules out any external  temperature influence and reliably protects against unintentional manual contact.

Unique colour code:

Intuitive colours support the correct decision - making  in the operating process: non-activated = yellow, activated = dark blue, temperature exceeded = orange.

Quality assurance:

Maximum safety is ensured by way of a functional principle. Activation is only possible after sufficient cooling of the blood bag to  6 °C and below.

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